Udyam Registration Verification Process

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You will receive a certificate after completing the Udyam Registration process. Your company’s status as a micro, small, or medium enterprise is confirmed by the e-certificate. Once this certificate has been provided to you, you can check it online using the Ministry of Udyog Aadhaar Portal.

Udyam Registration Work Process

Anyone who wants to start a business can register it via the Udyam system. A certificate known as the Udyam Certificate will serve as proof once the registration process is finished. In order to promote MSMEs and entrepreneurship in India, Registration was established in 2020.

The registration process is much less complicated than any other type of business registration. You do not need to produce any paperwork, records, certifications, or proof in order to register under this category. Additionally, there are no costs associated with the procedure, hence there is no registration fee.

The entire procedure is predicated on self-declaration. It is crucial to understand that when you sign up for Udyam, you are accepting responsibility for your application and confirming that all of the information you have supplied is accurate.

Following completion, you will get two things:

➨A different Udyam registration number is given to each person or company. This number is usable for all future verifications.

➨A little certificate known as a “Udyam certificate” demonstrates your membership. You do not need to physically acquire a copy of the certificate because it is sent as an electronic copy to the registered email address.

Why Udyam Registration ?

No fees: Udyam has no fees, unlike other ways of business registration where you must pay fees. Once the certificate expires, you are also exempt from paying any costs. Simpler licensing: Once you have an Udyam certificate, it is simpler to obtain further licenses for your company. Because the government has previously certified your company, the process is also simpler.

Increased creditworthiness: After submitting an application for Udyam registration, your company’s trustworthiness grows. As a result, once you have finished Registration, you can find it simpler to apply for business loans or other tenders and applications.

Cost savings: By registering, your company may be eligible for lower patent or copyright filing fees.

Checklist for Verifying Registration 

 Identification Number : To validate the Udyam certificate, you must have the registration number assigned to your situation or business. If you don’t have the certificate, you should have gotten this number when you asked to have your company classified as an MSME.

Mobile number: You cannot proceed with the further steps without the OTP. The OTP will only be sent to the mobile number you entered when submitting the application. As a result, you are unable to move forward without this number.

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How to Check the Online Udyam Registration Certificate?

The Udyam certificate will be sent to the email address you provided when registering for the application. Download the e-copy of the certificate once you’ve got it. Once you have downloaded the certificate, the following steps must be taken to verify it.

Step 1 :Begin by going to the official Udyam Portal and Verification portal.

Step 2 :Your company’s 14-digit UDYAM registration number should be entered. The certificate contains this number. When you applied for Udyam registration, you will also have gotten this number.

Step 3: Type in the One-Time Password.

The only mobile number registered with the application is the one that will receive the OTP. On any mobile number, you cannot request an OTP. Also case sensitive is the OTP.

Step 4: Check

Please complete the CAPTCHA on this page. Case affects both the numbers and the letters. After entering the OTP and the CAPTCHA, choose verify. You can see the Udyam certificate’s validity.

Benefits of Verifying Udyam Registration

You should verify your Udyam certificate to make sure it contains the correct information. Once your application has been approved, you can use this procedure to find out the status of your certificate.

Because the Udyam certificate is valid for an infinite period of time, frequent verification is not required. Once you have your certificate, go through the verification process to make sure that the data associated with it is accurate. If not, you can instantly submit a query for the same.

The introduction of the Udyam registration procedure aimed to stimulate the economy. You should verify all of your business’s information before registering because the registration process is fully self-declaratory. You should also determine whether your company is classified as a micro, small, or medium enterprise. If you’re unsure of how to start, you can get assistance from the professionals at Udyog Aadhar Certificate to finish your application and get your certificate.

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