The Power of a Cordless Metal Shear

by Steetz Canada

Electric metal shears are invaluable tools for professionals that must cut sheet metal on an ongoing basis, as they’re much easier and more comfortable than using traditional hand tools.

However, when selecting shears there are a few key considerations you must keep in mind. These include:


Cordless metal shears offer unparalleled precision when cutting sheet metal with ease and accuracy. These handheld power tools represent an upgrade over traditional bench shears, as they allow users to perform both straight lines and sharp curves more efficiently than their predecessors. Cordless shears are especially helpful in cutting prefinished long metal stocks such as angle bars, deformed bars, rebars, I-beams, and L-beams with prefinished surfaces such as angle bars or deformed bars – especially long stocks like angle bars deformed bars I-beams and L-beams!

Standard shears utilize a scissor motion, with one moving blade cutting against a fixed one, to quickly and accurately severe thin metal specimens like aluminum and mild steel. However, they can also be adjusted to work on heavier metals by altering their blade configuration accordingly.

Alligator shears use a compound mechanism to cut metal. Their hinged opening resembles the jaws of an alligator, and usually operate hydraulically. Although alligator shears may produce smooth edges for short cuts, their heavy metal jaws often produce rough edges and warp the material over longer lengths of stock.


Shearing is an essential component of manufacturing and fabrication industries. Shears are used to cut and shape metal parts with tight tolerances into desired forms for use in different applications, with each shear type boasting their own method of cutting and appearance.

Single-cut shears use a sharpened movable blade with rapidly cutting teeth that swiftly move back and forth against an anvil blade to quickly slice through metal sheets. However, this action can bend or warp the metal as it shears, making them less suitable for precise cuts or working with thinner materials.

WEN 20V cordless metal shears can cut up to 152 feet of 18 gauge sheet metal on one charge using their 2.0 amp-hour lithium-ion battery, cross compatible with other WEN 20V Max cordless power tool offerings. They feature electronic overload protection that extends its lifespan as well as a generous two year warranty complete with replacement battery and chargers.


Cordless metal shears can be an indispensable asset for trades that specialize in metal roofing, auto body work and HVACR installation and repair. These shears cut straight or curved lines without any distortion – an excellent alternative to nibblers.

The ideal cordless shears for metal sheets feature sturdy construction with ergonomic features to make them easy to handle, including lightweight construction with long battery life. Some models even include built-in blade protectors to shield their blades from damage or accidents.

When purchasing a cordless metal shear, always check its gauge rating to determine whether it can cut your desired sheet thickness. Gauge ratings can be found on product pages and are generally displayed in inches or millimeters – higher numbers indicate thinner sheets; lower ones thicker. Also keep in mind the type of material being cut since certain kinds need specific shear thickness to cut efficiently.


Metal shears usually come with basic warranties and customer support; however, you should consider your specific needs and budget when making a selection. When purchasing from a renowned brand, be assured of essential warranties as well as quality customer care services.

Metal shears make cutting metal sheets easily and efficiently easier, by limiting squander and material loss. Hand shears may not offer as consistent of pace of cutting as these automated models do, making a metal shear an excellent way to cut milder metals more reliably than manual ones. Metal shears come in both corded and cordless models. Corded models require being plugged into power sources running 110 – 120 volts while rechargeable battery-powered cordless models require being charged through rechargeable batteries. Power ratings of these shears are often measured in amps for corded models or volts for cordless versions – the higher their rating is, the greater its performance will be; good quality metal shears typically feature gauge ratings of 14 or higher gauge.

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