Residential Support Program For Disabled Adults

by OCL Canada

People with disabilities often struggle to locate suitable housing; however, there are various residential support program for disabled adults – Continuum of Care, Horizon House and The Foundling are three such examples.

Continuum of Care offers shared living arrangements for intellectually disabled individuals with coexisting psychiatric disabilities, while offering customized program planning tailored specifically for each participant.

The Brambles

Adults living with physical and intellectual disabilities seek support at The Brambles to achieve a balance between independence and assistance. With customized accommodations in an inviting natural setting, adults are free to flourish here.

The Brambles provides ten group homes across four locations for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each home provides a homelike atmosphere in which residents are treated like family by warm and caring staff members.

Continuum of Care

The continuum of care refers to an approach which ensures continuity in patient treatment across procedures, facilities and treatments. It plays an essential role in increasing patient satisfaction while simultaneously decreasing costs.

A continuum of Care may allocate up to 3 percent of its FPRN or any other amount set forth in its NOFA for Continuum planning; UFA costs; and any necessary adjustments for FMR changes in lease, operation and rental assistance line items.

Horizon House

Horizon House was established in 1952 to serve adults living with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and mental health conditions. Based in Philadelphia with over 100 locations spread out across southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Porters and mechanics working at Horizon House walked off their jobs Wednesday morning after months of failed contract negotiations, accusing the board of making unreasonable proposals that left them without pay and benefits. They are demanding increased money as well as benefits.

The Foundling

Michael has lived at one of our Foundling residences since 2014 and, with support from staff both at his home and our Day Habilitation program, is making great strides on his journey toward independence. He enjoys spending time with housemates as well as performing various household duties himself.

The Foundling Museum stands on the former hospital grounds and features an elegant Georgian period building, once one of London’s most fashionable venues with artists like Hogarth and Handel encouraging donors to donate money.


HeartShare’s services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities help build more independence. Whether in one of its supervised group homes or supportive apartments, people receive care from skilled frontline employees who offer excellent support.

The organization caters to New Yorkers by offering speech and physical therapy as well as special pre-schools. Furthermore, evaluations for children and adults provide access to therapy services.

BCS Services for People Living with Disabilities

Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRA) is a program offering room, board and customized service options to individuals living in private residences. This may include teaching life skills or engaging in community integration activities in a family-like atmosphere.

Individualized living arrangements (ILAs) provide an alternative living option for adults with intellectual disabilities who meet home support criteria but cannot live with their natural families. Such arrangements are funded with income support and housing subsidies from HRLE/RHAs.

The Hourly Waiver Respite Program

Respite services allow family caregivers a break from caregiving – be it just an hour or the whole weekend! Operated by OPWDD, respite programs offer a valuable alternative to Intermediate Care Facilities.

Activities in Holy Childhood programs provide a safe and stimulating environment, from socialization, art and recreation to snack time and community outings. All sessions follow the Holy Childhood school calendar.

AHRC New York City

AHRC New York City is an organization providing support services for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Formerly, this entity was known by its initialism AHRC – Association for the Help of Retarded Children.

AHRC NYC provides residential programs for adults of all ages and levels of functioning. In addition, “Without Walls” structured day program offers personalized schedules with community experiences guided by goals derived from each person’s Person-Centered Plan.

RHA Host Home

RHA provides in-home and community-based personal care, attendant care and respite services through TennCare CHOICES to enable adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities to live more active and independent lifestyles.

RHA provides an array of other residential and day support services, such as family model residential supports, respite services, environmental accessibility adaptations and more in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

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