14 Most Important Beginner Tips For Medieval Dynasty

by Psine Wory

Medieval Dynasty can be hard for new players, so let us help you get started in this interesting world.

Medieval Dynasty is another early-access survival game, but it is different from the others. As you might have guessed from the name, there’s a lot more to this than just picking berries and making a shabby hut in the woods.

In Medieval Dynasty, you have to not only stay alive, but also build a thriving city in the Middle Ages. This means they have few tools, little safety, and a lot of diseases. It’s hard for a first-time player to get the hang of this game, but we’ve got you covered with some basics.

Everything Is Expensive, So Make What You Can

When you first start the game, you might think that markets are a safe place to be. Don’t be fooled, though. Everything you need can be bought as soon as you start the game, but the prices will make it impossible for you to do so.

Throughout most of the game, prices for everyday items will be very high. When you first start the game, you won’t be able to buy anything because you won’t have any money. But don’t bother saving even if you have enough money for the basics. Instead, you should spend your time making tools and planting crops so you don’t have to spend so much on basic things.

Buying food and other things your people need would be a pain, so start farming, make an orchard, and raise animals.

Use Sticks And Rocks To Make Tools To Sell For Easy Cash

You will also be able to sell your tools and food sooner if you start making them and growing them early on. Even simple wood tools like shovels and axes can bring good prices at the market. Even though you can’t trade a handful of berries for a castle from the Middle Ages, it all adds up.

In Medieval Dynasty, you want to sell as much as possible and buy as little as possible. If you make and sell simple tools early on, you can make a little extra money and learn how to make more complicated tools and houses later on.

Make Your Own Fertilizer

When you first start playing Medieval Dynasty, the best way to save money is to start picking up every kind of berry you can. Once you have them, you should let them rot on the ground. You can make your own fertiliser in this way.

If you want to go big, try to make a nice cabbage field. That way, you can get food and fertiliser from the same place. Also, when eaten raw, cabbage has a food value of six, making it a great all-around food.

Berries Are An Essential Early On

You need to sleep, eat, and drink all the time, just like in any survival game. Berries are different from other foods because they not only fill up your hungry metre but also a little bit of your thirst metre. Even though it’s not much, if you can find a lot of berries or start growing your own, you won’t have to carry as much water around with you.

Berries are easy to find, which is good. You can find them east of the starting city, Gostovia, west of the city across the river, Borowo, and especially north and east of Danica. It’s best to go to these places early so that you have a good quantity for later.

Berries are only available when they are ripe, which is only in the summer, so stock up!

Take The ‘Survival Sense’ Skill Early

Medieval Dynasty is a mix of an RPG and a survival game. It has a skill tree, which is important to understand like in other RPGs. Early on, surviving might be the most important skill, but in this path, some subskills are more important than others.

Make sure to pick Survival Sense as soon as you can in tier two. In Inspector Mode, this will make all mushrooms, flowers, and feathers stand out. It may not sound like much, but it saves you a lot of time looking for useful resources, which is something you will always be doing. You don’t have to spend a whole day looking for herbs. You can find them right away.

Tier 2 Hunting

You’ll figure out early on that hunting is the best way to get supplies, food, and to boost your stats. You can’t move on in the game until you learn how to do it right.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to try to get to Tier 2 hunting as soon as you can. You’ll get a perk that lets you highlight wildlife. It’s not natural, but it can help you get through the winter.

Complete Alwin’s Quest ASAP

Alwin is a peasant in Gostovia. He lives near where you start the game. He’s a sad guy who acts like a hero and hopes to be useful, but neither of those things are true. If you talk to him, he will send you a series of quests to prove yourself to him. You’ll want to finish these quests as soon as possible for more than one reason: it’s easy to get money and other prizes, and it’s also the quickest way to get a bow early on.

To get a bow, you’ll need to reach nine goals. These start out easy, like giving Alwin a stick, catching some deer, or giving some coins to another villager. But in order to get the bow, you have to find and kill a bear in a very short amount of time.

Prepare For Winter Quickly

As you might expect, Medieval Dynasty’s winter is no joke. It kills crops, slows trade, and can even kill you if you don’t pay attention to your temperature metre. In the game, seasons only last three days (unless you change that), but that’s all it takes to ruin your game if you’re not ready.

So, you should get ready for winter as soon as you can. Here are some things you need to get ready for winter.

  • Construct your first home.
  • Stockpile Supplies
  • In the spring and summer, you can grow and store fruits and vegetables.
  • In the autumn and winter, hunt and store meat.
  • Use leather to make clothes.

Don’t Sweat Your Dynasty Reputation Early On

Dynasty Reputation keeps track of what you do as you play. Your rating will go up if you help villagers and finish tasks. Fail quests or steal from locals and kill them. It will go down a lot. If you have a good name, more people will come to your town when you build it. But if it falls too far, Funny Shooter 2 game is over.

That may seem like a big deal, and in the long run, it is, but when you are just starting out, you don’t have to think too much about your reputation. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t go on a robbing or killing spree, which you can’t do because you won’t have any guns. Check out our guide on Dynasty Reputation if you want to learn more.

Choosing Your Village Location

It can seem like a huge job to choose where to build your first home. Where you decide to put down roots will affect your life and the future of the town.

If you are new to the game, you should build across the river from Gostovia and east of Borowo. It is in a flat area with two roads, a river, and two well-established towns nearby. It’s a bit of a pain to drag logs over there, but once that’s done, your town will be in a safe place for a long time.

In general, you can build your town anywhere you want. If you want to sell the things you make, you should set up shop near a village. If you want to learn how to take care of yourself, you can also choose a place that is far away.

Take Your Time

Being patient is the best way to grow your business. In the first few years, you won’t move up the ranks. So don’t hurry. Don’t rush to finish all the story parts because you need to get your life in order first.

But don’t leave the Chapter Quests to their own devices, because you can’t build new things until you finish them. To move forward in the game, you’ll need more houses, but most of all, you’ll need storage.

Children Take Stats From Parents

For a family to begin, there must be children. That’s a given, but how can parents make sure their kids are good players? It would be best if you could find a good match with good numbers. They should have more than one 3 stat.

In the game, children get their base skills from their parents, so it’s best to have a smart partner and the right stats you want to pass on to your child.

Managing Your Inventory

You will always reach a point in the game where you hold too much. If you are gathering wood and stones to build a house, you might not be able to take very much. There are a few ways to improve the amount that can carry, which is good news.

  • Learning How to Extract Mules
  • How to Make Backpacks
  • How to Get a Mount

We also suggest making a storage building where you can put things you don’t need right now.

Be Ready For A Hefty Tax At Year’s End

You have to pay a big tax to the taxman at the end of each year. This is unavoidable, and it will feel like a lot in your first few years. You should be ready to pay taxes if you follow this plan.

You’ll have enough money and supplies to pay your taxes if you sell simple tools, don’t buy anything from the market, and stock up on winter supplies. Still, once you’ve taken care of your basic needs, it’s not a bad idea to find a steady source of income and save some of it for taxes.

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