10 Best Campaigns In Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

by Psine Wory

Here are the best missions in Age of Empires 2: The Definitive Edition.

Age of Empires 2 campaigns are a set of historical scenarios that let players experience fights and events from different times and places. Each campaign is made up of a set of tasks that tell a story. These missions have different goals, such as building an army, defending a castle, or taking over new lands.

These are a great way for Age of Empires 2 players to learn about the past of different cultures while also having fun with the game. Players can choose from different missions to experience different times, from the rise of the Roman Empire to Genghis Khan’s conquests.



Age of Empires II’s Jadwiga game is an epic journey that follows a young girl as she tries to get to the Polish throne and deal with the chaos of a war that is still going on. With six difficult scenarios, players can take on the roles of the Poles or the Lithuanians and fight against powerful leaders like Jogaila and Vytautas the Great.

The story of the game is told by Jadwiga herself, which gives players a unique view of how things are going as they happen. The Jadwiga campaign makes you feel like you are there, reliving history. It has an interesting story and a compelling plot.

It’s one of only three missions where the main character is a woman, and it’s the only one where the main character also tells the story.


In Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Dynasties of India, the Rajendra campaign tells the story of Rajendra Chola I’s battles and conquests. Rajendra Chola I was the greatest ruler of the Chola empire.Players take on the part of the Dravidians in the five scenarios, which are told by Rajendra himself.

It shows some of the problems and politics that were going on in South India during his rule. In the fourth scenario of the Suryavarman I campaign, you join forces with Rajendra’s powerful soldiers.

The Rajendra campaign is interesting from a historical point of view and is also one of the most fun campaigns in the game. It has unique game features and a deep historical story.


In Age of Empires II, the Bari Campaign is a hard and exciting historical trip through the city of Bari in Italy. In the original version, the game is about the fictional Nautikos family, who are the descendants of Greek sailors. In the Definitive Edition, the number of scenarios has been increased to five, and players defend Bari as the Byzantines.

Even though it is the shortest mission, it is thought to be the hardest because of how resources have to be managed. The Bari Campaign is a must-play for Age of Empires II fans who want a difficult experience that lasts over 200 years. The story is interesting and the gameplay is immersive.

The Grand Dukes Of the West

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Lords of the West has a game called “The Grand Dukes of the West.” It has six different scenarios. As they fight in the Hundred Years’ War, the dukes of Burgundy, like John the Fearless and Philip the Good, are at the centre of the battle.

Players take on the part of the Burgundians and go through some of the game’s most unique situations.A Philip the Good advisor who doesn’t want to be named tells his son about the battle before Joan of Arc is burned at the stake.

Some types of units, like Organ Guns in A Kingdom Divided, are only in this battle.


Age of Empires 2’s Tamerlane mission is based on the real-life conqueror Timur, who lived in the 14th century and fought to bring back the glory of the broken Mongol Empire.Timur’s military campaigns, alliances, and rivalries with other powerful kingdoms are shown in six different situations in this campaign.

In contrast to other campaigns, this one is told from the point of view of a second-hand narrator who tells the story as it was told to him by Tokhtamysh Khan, a grandson of Genghis Khan and a friend of Timur’s who later turned against him. The game is known for how long it is and how much it focuses on history. It gives players a challenging and immersive look at one of the greatest conquerors in history.

Kotyan Khan

In the game, the Kotyan Khan campaign tells the story of the Cumans, a tribe of great horsemen and swordsmen who were hired as mercenaries by European kings and Byzantine rulers. They are in danger from the Mongols, who are cruel and almost impossible to beat.

The khan of a small clan, Kotyan, must bring the Cumans together so they can fight off the attackers and find a new place to live. The battle is told from the point of view of an unnamed Cuman chieftain who takes over as khan of the Cumans after Kotyan is killed.

This is an amazing campaign full of fights and brave actions by the Cumans, one of the best groups of warriors that has ever lived.

Genghis Khan

Age of Empires II’s Genghis Khan campaign is based on the life of the famous Mongol ruler Genghis Khan, who united the tribes of the Mongolian steppes into a huge, well-trained army. The player takes on the role of the Mongols in 6 different situations that start with their early struggles and end with the creation of the huge Mongol Empire.

The author of The Secret History of the Mongols, which is the oldest piece of Mongolian literature still in existence, tells the story of the battle. Even though China, Persia, and Eastern Europe had advanced technology, a group of horse archers tried to take over the world.


In Age of Empires II, the Barbarossa war is based on the rule of Frederick I Barbarossa, who was the Holy Roman Emperor. He tried to make the German fiefdoms join his Holy Roman Empire and to make it bigger by adding Poland and Italy.

His last plan was to try to take over the Holy Land by leading his men on the Third Crusade. This game has 6 scenarios where the player controls the Teutons. It tells the story of Frederick Barbarossa, a Teutonic Knight who fought in several wars in Italy before becoming one of the best military leaders of all time.

The Hautvilles

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Lords of the West’s Hautevilles mission adds a lot of history to Drive Mad game. It tells the inspiring story of how the Norman family went from being a group of thieves to ruling Sicily as kings.

With the five situations, players can see what it was like to win battles and take part in the First Crusade. What makes this campaign stand out is that it is told from the point of view of a Sicilian teacher of young Frederick Roger II. The tutor, who is not named, gives a compelling account of the political and personal situations of the time.

The Hautevilles campaign is great for fans who like deep history stories because it has different ways to play and goals.

Atilla The Hun

This is the Attila. Age of Empires 2’s Hun campaign is an interesting and unique way to tell a story. An unnamed Frankish monk tells the story from a second-hand point of view. He tells the backstory of an old priest named Armand, who joined the Huns after being taken by Attila.

The player takes on the role of the Huns and takes part in the attack of Italy from the point of view of the people who won. The Attila the Hun mission is the most exciting one to play in Age of Empires 2 because it is true to history, has a unique story, and has exciting game play.

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