10 Best Awakenings To Pick In Omega Strikers, Ranked

by Psine Wory

These are the best awakenings that players in Omega Strikers can choose from.

Odyssey Interactive’s free-to-play hit Omega Strikers has been a big success since it came out in September 2022. Since the game came out, it has gotten a lot of attention because the rules and controls are easy to pick up, the game moves quickly, and there are a lot of characters and skills to choose from. Omega Strikers is a great game for anyone because it has parts of both football and air hockey and is set in an anime world.

Omega Strikers has a growing cast of colourful characters with a wide range of skills. These characters, along with the gear and boosts the player can use, give them an edge over their opponents. Awakenings are one of these boosts. They are a pool of 34 different bonus attributes that are given to the player at the start of every game. These are the 34 different stat boosts that stand out as the best on-field benefits in the game.



An Awakening that helps those who can move quickly and try to stay out of harm’s way at all costs. When the person wearing Unstoppable, Awakening is not stunned, their resistance to being knocked back goes up by 90% and the damage they take goes down by 10%.

This Awakening makes it harder to knock out the player, so their character can go on the offensive to slow down the other team or put the Core in the goal.


The Chronoboost Awakening is a good deal because it boosts stats in three different areas and makes the benefits of abilities last longer. The Chronoboost will help players do things like make their dash moves go farther or make their powers last longer.

This Awakening increases the player’s dash range, blink range, and haste abilities by 75%. As if this wasn’t enough of a boost, any positive or negative changes to your abilities, like rises or decreases, will last 35% longer.

Big Fish

With the Big Fish Awakening, players can take a big guy like Debu and make him even bigger, or they can take a small scorer and turn them into a much bigger opponent.

With this Awakening, players can make their character 40% bigger and give them a maximum stagger of 300. This makes them much harder to hit or knock out. Not only will their reputation be bigger than the competition’s, but they will also be much harder to beat.

Missile Propulsion

If the Missile Propulsion Awakening is given to a character with ranged skills, the player will hit the jackpot. This skill boost is made for characters who use projectiles to hit the enemy’s core from farther away and with more power.

With the Missile Propulsion Awakening, all weapons fired have their range increased by 70%, making it much easier to hit targets from far away. Along with the longer range, the bullets will hit their targets with 15% more power, which could be enough to finish them off.

Built Different

Omega Strikers is a footbrawl, and you have to be built differently to do well in it. For those who aren’t, the Built Different Awakening gives them a boost that lets them hit the Core and their opponents much harder and with more damage.

The Built Different Awakening gives characters a 40% increase in size and a 15% increase in the power of their impact skills, including a 3% increase in how hard they hit the Core. This Awakening will be rude to anyone who has to deal with a character whose perks make them stronger.

Glass Cannon

As with a glass gun, how well this Awakening works depends on how well the player can show off their power without getting hit. The Glass Cannon gives those who are quick and can avoid getting hit a boost in power and speed, as long as they are hard to hit.

The Glass Cannon gives the player a power boost of 10 points every 2.5 seconds, up to a maximum of 40 points. Speed works the same way, with the player’s speed going up by 5% every 2.5 seconds until it reaches 20%. This Awakening is a very useful boost that can give the player an edge on the field, but their stats will reset every time they take damage.

Timeless Creator

Players who choose characters with creation skills would be lucky to get a Timeless Creator Awakening when they choose their teams before the game. This Awakening gives a boost to any products made by a player, letting them do their job for longer.

With the Timeless Creator Awakening, a player’s works stay on the pitch for 70% longer and are 50% bigger. This will help characters like Atlas, who uses a celestial guardian to heal his friends and a growing ring of light to hurt his enemies.

Quick Strike

Every player on the Omega Strikers team knows at least one basic move to hit the ball. It is the fastest way to hit the Core. Goalies can use it to get out of their scoring zone, and forwards can use it to put the ball in the back of the other team’s net. With the Quick Strike Awakening active, this key piece of a puzzle that could help you win is easier to get.

With the Quick Strike Awakening, it takes 25% less time for the attack to be ready. On top of that, each hit gives the player one more energy. This Awakening is one of the most useful in Drift Boss game because it makes the most basic attack play more likely to happen.


There are a few Awakenings that increase dash range, blink range, or speed effects, but none of them do it as well as the Aerials Awakening does with their secondary perk. The Aerials Awakening is similar to the Chronoboost in that it gives players a 75% increase in dash range, blink range, and speed effects. What makes it different is the extra boost it gives.

With the Aerials perk, a player’s projectile range will grow by 35%, letting them attack from farther away. This means that characters with projectile abilities will be able to move farther, respond faster, and hit their target from farther away.


Juno is the main character of this Awakening because she is one of the best Omega Strikers with the ability to make things. Adding the green alien to a Monumentalist Awakening takes her little green blob friends to the next level.

The Monumentalist Awakening gives all of the cards on the field a 100% size boost and a 25% power boost. Even though most of this power boost goes to hitting the other team, creations with this Awakening will also hit the Core 5% harder, which could be the difference when the puck is going for the goal.

Now, you can play Omega Strikers on PC, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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