Amazing Charts EMR Software Pricing 

by Lara John

Amazing Charts EMR Software Pricing is a one-stop-shop solution for medical records management. Its multiple features include electronic prescribing, messaging, e-documentation and more. 

The software also helps reduce clinician burnout by streamlining workflows and connecting users with the right people. It has been commended by multiple user reviews for its patient portal functionality, which puts patients in control of their own health needs. 

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Amazing Charts EMR is a top-rated solution for electronic medical records. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for clinicians to document patient visits quickly and accurately. It also enables the creation of visual graphs that support comprehensive documentation of patient health problems. In addition, the software’s patient portal feature has received positive reviews from users for giving patients more control over their healthcare needs. 

The software’s e-prescribing tool allows you to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies electronically, which can save both you and your patient time and money. You can use the software’s ‘quick script writer’ to choose from a list of options including take, route, frequency, number and duration. The software also checks for drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions to ensure that your patients are safe and receiving the right medication. 

In addition to its robust e-prescribing system, Amazing Charts EMR includes a customizable clinical template library that reduces redundancy and streamlines workflow. Its integrated messaging feature also helps providers communicate securely with one another, which improves collaboration and enhances patient care. This software is available on a cloud-based deployment model, which means that you can access it from anywhere in the world. 

As a subscription-based software, Amazing Charts has multiple pricing plans that offer different features and functionality. The basic version, which costs $39/clinician, comes with a complete support suite and automatic updates to its databases. Its e-prescribing feature and patient portal are also included in the price. 

The Amazing Charts EMR system is designed for small, independent medical practices that require cost-effective workflow software automation. Its unique design focuses on usability and has been designed to minimize the amount of clicks needed to complete a task. Its intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling program makes it easy to book and reschedule appointments. The software also allows you to document missed and no-show appointments. 

Amazing Charts is a popular choice for medical offices, especially for small and mid-sized businesses that need a reliable and cost-effective solution to manage patient records. Its intuitive interface and advanced features make it easy to use and offers a range of integration options. Its customer support team is available 24/7 to assist customers. 


Amazing Charts is a popular EHR software program that provides medical practices with an efficient way to manage their offices. The system was designed by a family physician who understands the challenges clinicians face every day, and it has quickly become a favorite for independent medical practices across the United States. The software is intuitive and simple to use, and it features an interface that resembles paper charts. It also comes with a host of customizable templates that can be used to create forms and customize reports. 

The Amazing Charts software also offers a patient portal that allows patients to access their health records and communicate with their provider electronically. This feature helps patients save time and money by eliminating the need for them to call the office to schedule appointments. It also allows patients to pay their bills online, which reduces administrative costs and makes it easier for healthcare providers to track patient payments. 

Another useful feature of the Amazing Charts software is its e-prescribing function. This allows doctors to send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically, and it also checks for drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions. This saves both time and money for both patients and physicians, and it also helps to keep patients safer by reducing errors. 

The software also allows physicians to communicate with one another using its messaging system. This helps reduce communication issues and improves collaboration between healthcare providers. The program also includes a variety of practice management tools to help providers streamline their operations. These include scheduling, coding, interoffice messaging, and charting. It also has a built-in database that allows for fast and easy searches. 

Amazing Charts is available in both on-premise and cloud deployment options. The cloud version of the software offers many benefits, including a secure server that protects data from unauthorized access. It is available at a low cost and requires no hardware or installation. It is ideal for ambulatory care and other small medical practices. 

Founded in 2001 by a family physician, Amazing Charts is an affordable and user-friendly electronic medical record (EMR) system. It is SureScripts and Drummond certified and allows for quick and easy e-prescribing, scheduling, coding, and interoffice messaging. It has been in business for over 15 years and was bought by Harris Computer Systems in 2017. 

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Amazing Charts is an electronic medical records software system that offers users a host of features including office flow, charting, and practice management. It is a top-rated software solution with raving reviews, and it’s a great choice for healthcare professionals looking to improve their practice. It is also available at a very competitive price, making it an excellent option for small and solo practices. 

The system can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of your practice. It provides the ability to create multiple types of reports and customizes its data fields to match your existing practice processes. Its e-prescribing feature allows physicians to create new prescriptions with just one click, and the system automatically checks for drug interactions and patient allergies. 

It also helps clinicians to complete documentation quickly and accurately. This is particularly important for practices that rely on the services of outside specialists. The system is easy to use and integrates with a variety of medical devices. It is also compatible with two popular speech recognition solutions and can interface with the state immunization registry. 

Amazing Charts was designed for small, independent medical practices that require cost-effective workflow software automation. It has since grown to be used by many different healthcare providers in a wide range of specialties. Its streamlined functionality helps to save time and money by allowing clinicians to spend more of their day with patients. 

Amazing Charts is a cloud-based EMR with an open-source platform, which allows it to be integrated with other software systems. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and can be customized to meet the needs of your practice. It is an affordable and intuitive solution that will help you stay on track with your billing and compliance goals. It will also help you prevent clinician burnout, which can be costly to your business. Moreover, it will also allow you to ingest data from external agencies and contribute it to your EHR. It will also help you maintain compliance with Meaningful Use and HIPAA regulations. 


Designed by a physician, Amazing Charts EHR is an innovative and affordable electronic health record (EHR) solution for independent medical practices. Its intuitive design makes it a top choice for clinicians across the country, allowing them to spend less time in front of the computer and more time with patients. Amazing Charts is also certified to support Dragon voice recognition software, making it easy for clinicians to enter information without having to click or navigate through complicated screens. 

The software includes an integrated practice management system that streamlines office workflows and connects users with their colleagues. It provides features for charting, coding, e-prescribing, billing and more. Its robust patient portal is a highly appreciated feature that allows clinicians to communicate with their patients. Amazing Charts is a secure solution that offers a wide range of customization options, and it has an extensive library of templates for charting and reporting. 

Amazing Charts is a cloud-based solution that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Its robust and flexible scalability makes it a great option for medical offices of all sizes. It is SureScripts and Drummond certified, and its e-prescribing function helps physicians create new prescriptions in a matter of minutes. 

Another great feature of Amazing Charts is its ability to help users improve the quality of their documentation. Its templates are designed to help physicians document patient encounters more efficiently and minimize re-documentation. The software is easy to use and offers a variety of templates for common clinical situations. 

In addition to the EHR, Amazing Charts also offers a robust practice management system for managing patient records and appointments. Its user-friendly interface allows users to easily access patient histories, lab results and referrals. It also allows users to track and trend their patients’ vital signs. 

The system also integrates with many third-party practice management solutions. In addition, Amazing Charts is a fully web-based system, so it can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Amazing Charts is a great option for physicians who are looking for an affordable EHR that can help them meet their Meaningful Use standards. 

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