8 Hardest Weapons To Obtain In The Final Fantasy Series

by Psine Wory

Is getting these weapons even worth the trouble?

Ultimate weapons are nothing new in games, especially in the Final Fantasy series. However, when you finally unlock your weapon’s final form, whether through fight or by playing a minigame over and over again, it can feel very satisfying. Even though you know this, some weapons almost make you wonder if you should get them or just stick with what you already have. But you just have to try them because they look so good!

All of that is fine, but sometimes the way to get the weapon can be hard or against some secret rule you didn’t know you broke until it was too late. Which of these have you gotten or chosen not to get because it wasn’t worth the trouble?

World Champion – Final Fantasy 10


When fans talk about Blitzball, they usually have different opinions on the subject. Some people will probably only play the game once, when they have to. Fair, but you can’t get Wakka’s final weapon, which can do more than 9999 damage each time it hits.

The thing is, it can take anywhere from 24 to 44 games of Blitzball and a certain number of fights to get the needed limit break wheels to show up and collect before the Jupiter sigil even shows up (with a 50 percent chance). How fun and easy the minigame is for you depends a lot on how you feel about it.

Zwill Crossblade – Final Fantasy 15

The boys in Final Fantasy 15 went through a lot when they had to deal with the politics of war and arranged weddings. In comparison, fighting monsters seems like less of a challenge. At least until you get to the Wondrous Weapon quest. You can get other legendary weapons in the game, but this one really stands out.

First, the quest says that your group should be at least level 99. The highest point. Your quarry? Naglfar is a whopping level 120, which gives it a clear strength edge. It is weak to fire, so if you’ve been keeping up with your magic crafting and have some strong fire with extra status effects, it should be a little easier. Still, not much.

Excalibur 2 – Final Fantasy 9

Even if JRPGs aren’t your thing, you probably know that they take a long time. The average game in the genre can take 30 hours, and that’s on the low end. This is also true of the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy 9, the game this article is about, takes about 39 hours to play through if you only want to follow the main story.

So, how is it that the game makes you reach Memoria, the game’s last area before the end, in 12 hours or less if you want to get Excalibur 2, Steiner’s best weapon? Even though the remastered version’s time controls make this a little easier, you’ll still have to skip a lot of the open-world side material to get there on time.

Zodiac Zeta Weapons – Final Fantasy 14

If you were there when the first Relic Weapons dropped in patch 2.28, you know how many hours (and days) you spent waiting. The FATE (Full Active Time Event) you’re looking for will show up so you can add it to your total. Sometimes you had to wait a bit, and other times you had to change the FATEs on the map to get the one you wanted to spawn.

To get the final form of your Zodiac weapons, which are also called Zeta weapons, you’ll have to upgrade them six times. The final Zeta form of this line of relic weapons is the sixth and final update. That means killing hundreds of enemies, hoping RNG brings you one of dozens of drops soon, and doing a lot of dungeon runs where you hopefully won’t forget to use your Zodiac weapon.

Tinkerbell – Final Fantasy 5

Tinkerbell doesn’t look like such a hard weapon to get on paper. You just have to fight Twintania, one of the Demons of the Rift in the Interdimensional Rift. Even the fight itself isn’t too hard if you’re ready for it ahead of time. But getting Tinkerbell to fall is a whole different story.

First, you only get one chance to fight him, and if you beat him in his charged form, the sword Masamune will fall in its place, making it impossible for you to get it. If you don’t do that, though, even if you beat Twintania in its neutral form, there’s only a 6% chance that it will drop. This means that you’ll probably have to reset and load for a while before it even has a chance to drop.

Zodiac Spear – Final Fantasy 12

In the original Final Fantasy 12, the Zodiac Spear is annoyingly easy to miss and almost impossible to get without a guide. Technically, there is no boss to fight or anything else. You only have to fight while looking for it because the last chest is guarded by a Giant Bomb.

If you want this spear, there are four unique chests in the world of Ivalice that you must not open. The first one is in Rabanastre, the first zone of the game. In the Zodiac Age remaster, they got rid of this totally and made an invisible chest appear 1% of the time instead. Because it’s a good time.

The Weapon’s Refrain (Ultimate) – Final Fantasy 14

Not in the mood to grind for Zodiac weapons? You might rather have a task that tests your skills and how well you work with others. The Weapon’s Refrain (Ultimate) is a boss rush with a total of five bosses: the first three primals from A Realm Reborn, the Scion Lahabrea, and finally The Ultima Weapon. Each fight follows the last one without a break, which makes for a boss rush of pain.

Geometry Dash Subzero game is very hard, but the real test of patience is learning the rhythm and steps of each fight with seven other people. It’s a recipe for chaos, and you’ll have to start over over and over again. It could take months, based on how good your party is and how many people are available.

Seitengrat – Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age

In the remastered version of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, getting the Zodiac Spear is a little bit easier. However, Square Enix chose to make things harder by adding another weapon that is even harder to get. First, there is only a 1% chance that the unseen chest will show up on the Skyferry’s deck. Ok, fine. Friends, it gets worse from there.

If you aren’t wearing the Diamond Armlet when you find the box, there is no chance that the weapon will drop. So let’s say you do wear your armlet. Then the chance of dropping something must go up, right? Well, yes, but keep in mind that the chest itself has a very low chance of showing up, and even if it does, there aren’t many chances that the Seitengrat will be in it. You have to wonder who found the first one and if it was all just a big chance.

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