8 Best Zombie Maps In Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3, Ranked

by Psine Wory

Some of the best Zombie maps in the series are in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, but with over 14 maps, only a few can be the best.

Call of Duty: World at War was the first game to have the Zombies mode, which was made by Treyarch. Many changes, improvements, and maps have been made to this game mode to keep players interested. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a celebration of the fact that zombies have become an important part of the series.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 used the PS4 and Xbox One for the first time in the series’ history by making Zombie maps bigger. Some of the best Black Ops 3 Zombies maps are a mix of new, big maps and remakes of old favourites from other games.

Zetsubou No Shima


“On a remote island in the Pacific, a mysterious building hides the secrets of Division 9’s dangerous experiments…”Even though it was one of the more interesting maps in Black Op 3, Zetsubou No Shima was a bit of a letdown. It has a lot of tropical plants, but there aren’t enough fun places to fight zombies, and everything feels too close together.

Not only do Zetsubou No Shima’s places lack, but so do its enemy types. The spiders are annoyed that they have to fight for their webs, and the new Thrasher zombie is making it harder for them to do so. The map is pretty big and has a lot of new zombie tactics, but only some of them work in its favour.

Gorod Krovi

“Our heroes must fight ancient beasts in the war-torn ruins of Stalingrad as the end of their journey draws near.”When the selling point of Gorod Krovi is the map’s picture, it’s hard to miss. Zombies finally goes off the deep end by adding dragons. This gives the series some new magical elements, but they don’t add much more than a ride to the Pack-a-Punch machine. Players can’t ride dragons around the map like the TranZit bus.

There are always new things to do on the map that can be fun. In Gorod Krovi, there are many new guns and the areas are big and open. But because of the difficulties and the Russian Mangler Soldier, it can also be seen as a hard map.


JFK said in 1961, “I think this country should make a promise to land a man on the moon and bring him back safely to Earth before the end of this decade.”How can Call of Duty Zombies grow and get better? Of course, to the Moon. For the first time in the series, players can explore the moon’s surface, which has low gravity and bad pilots. It would be great if the Outbreak game mode was changed.

Even though the map is exactly the same as the one in Black Ops, it’s still a great addition to Black Ops3. It was made in a unique way, and the spawn room, with its endless number of undead dogs and hordes, still scares players old and new. Fun can be had with the weapons and places.


“See how Group 935 got started as an old evil is let loose on the battlefields of World War 1.” Call of Duty Zombies had to start over after the Earth was destroyed, and what better way to do that than with elemental staff, robots, and zombies in mech suits?

Origins was a fan favourite Zombies game that was last seen in Black Ops 2. Not only did the map have the original and most well-known Call of Duty Zombies characters as a rebooted set, but it also had a new story and gameplay, with many things changed to make the game more fun. Now, in Black Ops 3, both new players and old players who want to play an old favourite can play on the same map.

Shadows Of Evil

“Fight the living dead on the streets of Morg City. Accept the punishment to find out what it means.”The first Black Ops 3 Zombies map made a big splash when it came out. Jeff Goldblum, space worms from other galaxies, and jazz are all in this exciting new Call of Duty Zombies game.

Shadows of Evil gave players a new perk called the GobbleGum system, a shield that protects them, and the dangerous miniboss Margwas. There are a lot of places to discover in Shadows of Evil. The cursed city is big, so players might get lost and scared.

The Giant

“After Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo saw Richtofen kill his future self, they had no choice but to fight alongside the Doctor against the shambling army of the undead again.”Black Ops 3 Zombies came on the scene in a big way. In the Black Ops 3 remake of Der Riese called “The Giant,” characters from the Primis gang came back.

This map is famous for many reasons, including the fact that it is where the story of Call of Duty Zombies begins. The other is the first time the well-known Pack-a-Punch shows up. The Giant is an exciting return to the classic zombie maps that fans liked, with surprising Easter eggs and gory zombie killing.


“It’s time to join Doctor Monty in The House, where an old evil is threatening the immortal souls of our heroes…”As the 24th Zombies map in the series, Revelations was the final map of Black Ops 3. It put an end to the famous Primis story and paid tribute to the most famous Call of Duty Zombies maps by putting pieces of them in broken places in Revelations.

Revelations is made up of many different maps, and this makes a grand plan that is both big and grandiose. There are a lot of easter eggs in Revelations, like katanas and hats that give players different benefits. It’s always fun to look around and try new things on the map. Just watch out for the different kinds of zombies that want to end Eggy Car game.

Der Eisendrache

“Bound by a fragile alliance, our heroes chase the scattered remnants of Group 935 to their mountaintop fortress in the Austrian Alps…”Even cold winters can’t stop the zombie hordes from marching through Der Eisendrache. This map is full of interesting things to do and easy-to-reach places to train zombies and send them back to their graves.

The map is about 50% bigger than earlier maps like The Giant. It gives Call of Duty Zombies a bigger feel with its fun easter eggs and wonder weapon bow missions, which make fighting even more fun. There will be fights that are hard, but Der Eisendrache will make them all fun.

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