7 Most Expensive Base Game Houses In The Sims 4

by Ilco Honeutia

With just The Sims 4 base game, you can download a number of expensive builds from the Gallery.

In The Sims 4, players can use the Gallery to find the most expensive house and use it in their story. Since The Sims 4 made the base game free on October 18, 2022, you can find many houses and castles from the base game on the Gallery.

If Simmers want to live in an expensive house but don’t have enough Simoleons, they can use well-known cheats like “Motherlode” or “Money” to get more money for the family.

Willow Stone – $550,288

Willow Stone is a Mansion with six bedrooms and five bathrooms spread out over three floors. The building has beds for kids, teens and adults, and each one has the right things for that age group. There are extra rooms like a gym, office, and art room that help Sims get better at what they do.

A big part of the lot is taken up by the garden, which the builder filled with plants and fun things for kids to do, like the Monkey Bars. The build by SimsFabrik in the Gallery costs $550,288 Simoleons and needs a 50×50 Lot in The Sims 4.

Demrix Mansion 37 – $652,792

The Demrix Mansion 37 has seven bedrooms and bathrooms, just like any other big building on the Gallery. On the first floor is a large kitchen, and on the third floor are all the rooms for building skills. Each floor also has a sitting area with comfortable chairs.

There are only a few chairs and tables in the back garden for Sims who want to have a BBQ party.There is also a Woohoo spot called the Observatory. Chrillsims4 makes the Demix Mansion 37, which costs $652,792. It can only be put on a 50×50 Lot or larger.

Mansion Argenta – $732,551

The Mansion Argenta is a new building that has everything a medium-sized family might need. Don’t let its size fool you, because it only has four bedrooms and three baths. There is one master bedroom, two rooms for adults or teens, and one room for a kid.

The Mansion Argenta doesn’t have a back garden like many big buildings do. Instead, it has a front garden. There is a pool in front of the door and several places to sit on either side. On the second floor of this $732,551 house made by GaztonK, there are many balconies full of different things that Simmers can use to level up their Skills in The Sims 4.

Ice Princess – $790,634

Even though the Ice Princess is a huge house with everything a person could need and more, its design is a bit strange. This is a great build for Sims who want to live in a fairy tale house surrounded by water and ice.

The first floor has rooms like the kitchen, eating room, living room, and so on. There are nine beds on the second floor, and one of them is for a child. In CAS, players can’t make more than eight Sims unless they use cheats. This castle was made by KaiXDemoness, and it costs $790,634 Simoleons to buy it.

Ggoyam-Bangsain-008 – $843,238

In the Ggoyam-Bangsin-008 building, there are eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Each room has its own bathroom, whether it’s on the first or first floor. Also, two of the bedrooms on the second floor have a walk-in closet linked to them.

The amazing mansion was made by kkoyam and is worth $843,238 Simoleons. After saving up some money, players with the highest-paying Careers in The Sims 4 will be able to buy this build.

The Kardashians Mansion – $1,278,130

Inside The Kardashians Mansion, there are 10 bedrooms that are all designed in different ways. Some rooms have double beds, which are great for adults or young adults. Single beds, like those in Slope Game and other games, are good for both teens and kids. Also, each of them has its own bathroom. Aside from the two floors above ground, Sims can have fun on the third floor, which is underground.

The big building needs a 50×50 Lot, which can be found in more than one World. The author, findjoo, made sure to include every small detail of the real Kardashians Mansion. He suggested having a party in the front yard, where there is a huge pool, a grill and a Mixology bar. It takes $1,278,130 Simoleons to build.

Metellus Mansion – $1,703,107

The Metellus Mansion is not like most Sims 4 builds. There are four floors above ground and two floors in the basement. But the first two floors are all offices and meeting rooms, and the third floor has a few beds. The fourth is the roof, which has a pool and a grill and would be a great place to have a party. If a player wants to play a scenario where their Sims are politicians, the build is great.

The first basement floor has an indoor pool, a gym, a music room, a theatre and a secret office. The second basement floor has a bar and a secret office. On the other hand, the second basement floor only seems to have a bedroom and a bathroom “just in case.” FraFra17177996 made the Metellus Mansion, and it costs $1,703,107 Simoleons.

The Sims 4 can now be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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