10 Must-Have Items To Get That Antique Farmhouse Look 

by Naheed Mir
10 Must-Have Items To Get That Antique Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse decor is the perfect way to bring warmth and charm into your home. From traditional styles featuring distressed wood accents, checkered patterns and rustic finishes, to bright, modern designs combining whites, neutrals and crisp blues, farmhouse decor can easily be used to transform any room. The key to creating a timeless aesthetic lies in selecting furniture pieces that blend together industrial influences with organic elements like natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. Anchor the look with a unique area rugs or vintage piece of furniture for a well-rounded space that celebrates the beauty of farmhouse style.

Looking to give your home that rustic, antique farmhouse look? You don’t have to be a professional designer or spend a fortune. All you need are the right items and some know-how on how to put them together. If you’re looking to add a touch of antique farmhouse style to your home, there are some timeless vintage pieces that can instantly transform any living space. Whether it’s an old wooden bench, a distressed console table, or a vintage rug, these classic pieces will bring an air of rustic charm and warmth into your home. Read on for our 10 must-haves to get that vintage farmhouse vibe at home. 

Rustic Wood Furniture and Accents 

Nothing sets the tone for an old-fashioned farmhouse like rustic wood furniture and accents. From coffee tables to bookcases, dining room chairs and beds, this style of furniture will instantly transform any space into a cozy and inviting area. The best part is that it’s easy to find rustic wood pieces in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and prices. When shopping for these types of items, look for pieces with distressed edges or natural imperfections that lend a lived-in feel. 

Wicker Baskets      

Wicker baskets are essential if you’re going for an antique farmhouse look – they offer both style and function! Not only do they add texture and visual interest to any room, but they are also great for storing blankets, magazines, toys – even plants! There are so many different types of wicker baskets out there – from woven baskets with handles to decorative ones without handles. You can use them in almost any room in the house – from the bedroom to the kitchen – making them an incredibly versatile decor piece. 

Vintage Linens 

 Vintage linens such as quilts, blankets, sheets and towels help create that authentic antique farmhouse atmosphere. Whether it’s a colorful quilt hung on the wall or some soft cotton sheets draped over your bed – vintage linens can really make your space feel more inviting. Plus, they come in all sorts of beautiful patterns which makes it easy to find something that suits your individual style. Just remember; when shopping for vintage linens always check for signs of wear before purchasing them (think fraying edges or discoloration).  


Plants are essential if you want to bring life into your home – not only do they add color but they also help purify the air too! When it comes to getting an antique farmhouse look opt for plants that have a natural beauty such as ferns or ivy plants (they’re great at adding texture!). If you don’t have much time on your hands then pick up some faux plants instead; there are plenty of realistic looking ones out there so no one will be able to tell the difference! 

Antique Accessories 

 The finishing touches are just as important when creating an antique farmhouse look – so don’t forget about accessories! From vintage vases to old clocks – these little details really help bring everything together. If you want something more modern then why not try hanging some art prints with a retro twist? Or how about adding some distressed mirrors around the house? Whatever you choose – make sure it ties in with your overall theme!    

Vintage Rug 

Vintage rugs and carpets are the perfect way to give any room in your house a warm, cozy atmosphere. Whether it’s a simple woolen rug or an intricate Persian carpet, these timeless pieces will instantly add character and class to any room in your home. Look for rugs with muted colors like beige, brown and gray that will blend seamlessly with other antiques and furniture in the room. 

Antique Bench 

An old wooden bench is the perfect piece of furniture for adding antique farmhouse charm to any living space. Look for benches made from sturdy wood such as oak, walnut or cherry with a distressed finish that adds an extra layer of character. Place the bench near the entryway or next to the fireplace for added comfort and style. 

Console Table 

For an instant antique-inspired look, opt for an old console table made from solid wood with ornate detailing on its legs and sides. Place this table against a wall in your living room or hallway and accessorize it with some vintage lamps or framed photos. You can also use it as a vanity table by adding a few candles and other decorative accents on top. 

Vintage Mirror 

A vintage mirror is another great way to add antique flair to any room in your house. Look for mirrors made from iron or brass that have intricate designs around the frame for added character. Hang them above the fireplace mantel or near a window for maximum effect. You can also place them on dressers or tables throughout the house as well as near doorways or hallways for added elegance and sophistication. 

Distressed Console Table 

A distressed console table is perfect for adding a touch of shabby chic style to any space in your home. Look for tables that feature distressed paint finishes such as white wash, brown wash, gray wash or black wash which will create an aged yet stylish look when placed against walls in entryways or hallways. Accessorize these tables with baskets filled with plants or books as well as vases filled with flowers for added visual appeal. 


With these must-have antique farmhouse decor items, you can easily transform any living space into one filled with rustic beauty and charm! From vintage rugs to distressed console tables, these timeless pieces will help you achieve the perfect balance between modern convenience and old-world elegance while still creating a unique look reflective of your own personal style! Getting an antique farmhouse look doesn’t have to be difficult nor expensive – all you need is our handy guide plus a few well-chosen items! Rustic wood furniture and accents create the perfect base from which you can start building up your design scheme; add some wicker baskets for extra storage solutions then layer up with some vintage linens before finally accessorizing with antique accessories (plants optional). With these five must-have items given by RugKnots you can easily give any room an instant makeover – giving it that timeless charm we all love so much! So what are you waiting for? Start decorating today!

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