10 Best Bounty Hunters In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Ranked

by Psine Wory

Cal Kestis is a Jedi Knight, but the best bounty hunters in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor have nothing to worry about.

Bounty hunting is a dangerous job, especially if the person you are looking for is a Jedi. In the Star Wars series, there have been some well-known bounty hunters, and Cal Kestis has met some of the worst of them more than once in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. But the fact that some of these bounty hunters are unknown doesn’t change the fact that they are the best in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players might not face enemies like Cad Bane or Bossk, but there are plenty of tough Star Wars bounty hunters who want to claim the bounty puck on Cal Kestis’ head, even though they vastly underestimate what the Force and a lightsaber can do against a blaster.

Kip Ostar

Kip Ostar is a dangerous bounty hunter who lives in the Derelict Dam on Koboh. He has killed more people than the Imperial war on Subterel. Kip has a shield that can stop Cal’s lightsaber strikes when they are close. With this boss’s constant dodging and rolling and their blaster gun, Cal needs to be at the top of his game when it comes to deflecting.

But despite Kip Ostar’s skills and claims, this bounty hunter isn’t the hardest, especially since they chose a bad place to hunt. There is a mine plant near Kip Ostar that Cal can use to use the Force to push into Kip Ostar.

Selfin Jook

Selfin Jook can be found in Koboh’s Observatory Understructure. Bounty hunters with a jetpack have a great tool to use against him. Selfin Jook is dangerous because he can fly around the battlefield, and his bounty-hunting friends will make it harder for Cal Kestis to fight these blaster-wielding bounty hunters.

Cal shouldn’t worry, though, because Selfin Jook doesn’t have a lot of health. If his jetpack runs out of fuel, players can just run up to him and hit him with their lightsabers to kill the bounty hunter quickly.

Meyen Corr

Meyen Corr looks for Cal Kestis on the Boiling Bluff on Koboh. Meyen has two blaster pistols and will throw a lot of shock grenades into the field to stun Cal Kestis. Meyen is a fierce fighter because she is quick, but she can be hurt by a lightsaber swing like anyone else.

Meyen is one of the easier bounty hunters because she is fighting Cal Kestis alone and doesn’t have any other bounty hunters to help her. But because she rolls and throws bombs, players shouldn’t be too quick to judge her.

Vaslyn Martz

Vaslyn Martz, a bounty hunter, waits for their target in the Fogged Expanse on Koboh. This target is hard to hit because they are hiding in the fog, making it hard to see them, and they have helpers ready. Cal needs to get ready for this fight because it will be dark and foggy, and he will be shot at by several bounty hunters.

The fact that Vaslyn Martz brings out a shield that can stop Cal’s lightsaber makes them even more dangerous. It’s a tough fight, but a Jedi knows what to do, even when facing a bounty hunter who used to work for the Black Sun.

Masi Finau, Fenn Finau & KLE-0

Masi Finau and his brother Fenn Finau make a living by going on bounty hunts. The biggest death count in the Abregado system is held by the two bounty hunters who work together. Even without their bounty-hunter droid called KLE-0, the two brothers are dangerous.

When you put a wrecking robot, a jetpack, and a shield together, you have a dangerous trio. Cal will be outnumbered, but a Jedi shouldn’t be afraid of his opponent, especially since these three are just sitting in the Nova Garon Imperial station’s Hangar Bay.

Corde & PR-85T

At the Halls of Ranvell, players will find PR-85T and Corde deep in the rubble of Jedha. This pair of bounty hunters thinks of themselves as “Halves” to each other. They are committed to each other and to their job. What’s interesting is that PR-85T used to be a normal bounty droid, but now it has dangerous changes that have made it less empathetic.Related: How to get 100% completion in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

With Corde, the two of them can be a scary threat, especially when you consider that PR-85T is a slow-moving, hard-hitting robot and that Corde’s partner is a fast-moving, grenade- and blaster-firing threat.

Kili Oso

Kili Oso is one of the famous bounty hunters that Cal Kestis can face in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Kili Oso is cruel, and he has an army of bounty hunters to help him get rid of Cal Kestis and the Jedi on Jedha. Kili Oso is a famous bounty hunter who was ordered to death by an Imperial Moff, which is a very high honour.

Kili Oso is cruel and won’t let anyone fail or hurt him. Cal Kestis needs to be careful around Kili because Kili hires a lot of bounty hunters to help him beat Cal. Kili Oso’s way of fighting seems to involve a lot of moving and getting in the way of a lot of people.

Jo The Cannibal

The name “Jo the Cannibal” is given to the droid J0-WR1 for a good reason. Every time Jo finds and kills a droid, she takes a piece of it and builds it into herself, which makes her better and stronger than the others. This is one reason why Jo is feared as a bounty hunter: she never stops trying to prove herself better.

Who she teamed up with makes Jo the Cannibal even more scary. Jo has joined the Bedlam Raiders, which means that many bounty hunters and Bedlam Raiders are now working together to kill Cal Kestis and get the money on his head.

Caij Vanda

Caij Vanda is now retired, but she hasn’t lost her touch. She was one of the best bounty hunters for many years before she moved to Koboh, where she spent the rest of her life hiding. She tried to stay out of Flappy Bird game, but she just couldn’t do it. She chose to betray her friend Cal Kestis so she could take the ever-growing bounty of Credits in his name.

Caij used Cal to get rid of her rivals so that Cal’s reward would grow and Caij could get much richer than she could have imagined. Cal Kestis doesn’t stand a chance against her because she’s good with blasters, blades, and moving quickly.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett is one of the most feared bounty hunters. Cal Kestis meets Boba Fett after Boba stops him from fighting Caij Vanda and says that he is the rightful owner of her prize. He doesn’t care about Cal, and he doesn’t like or care about the Jedi. Like Oggdo Bogdo, Boba Fett is ruthless and only cares about getting his reward. He doesn’t care about anyone else but himself.

Boba Fett may not be able to be fought in Star Wars.Jedi: Survivor, but they should feel lucky because Boba Fett has fought Jedi before, and his hate for them makes him dangerous.

You can now play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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